Accessories - Fittings and Couplings  There are no products in this category.

Accessories - Fittings and Couplings  There are no products in this category.

Accessories - Fittings and Couplings

Our ranges of couplings, fittings and connectors include brass, malleable iron and stainless steel adaptors, brass, plastic and stainless steel push-in fittings and PCL quick release couplings.


Pipe Fittings - Nickel Plated Brass

Pipe Fittings - Nickel Plated Brass PDF

Materials: Nickel Plated Brass (EN-12164 - CW614N) Nickel Plated Zamak (UNI 3717)

Seals: Oil Resistant Rubber (NBR)

Working Pressure: 16 Bar

Working Temperature: -10 to 80°C

Media: Gas, Fluid & Air (Compatible with materials)

Pipe Fittings - Malleable

Pipe Fittings - Malleable PDF

Materials: White Malleable Cast Iron. Grade - W40-05, ISO5922, DIN 2950 
Threads: Male - BSPT, Female - BSPP, British Standard BS21, ISO7
Surface Finish: Galvanised - Hot Dip zinc coated ISO 1460, Black - Anti-corrosion varnish
Working pressure: 20 Bar Working Temperature: -30 to +120 Celsius Media: Gas, Steam, Fluid & Air (compatible with materials)

Push-in Fittings - Composite

Push-in Fittings - Composite PDF

Simple and quick to connect/disconnect. PC type is useful for piping in confined space, with an internal hex-wrench system. Elliptical sleeve makes it possible to apply and remove the tube easily in confined spaces. Fittings are equipped with a gasket/O-ring and with teflon treatment pre-installed on the thread. Fittings with "G" prefix denote 20 Bar rating.

Materials: black acetyl resin, nickel plated brass (EN-12164 - CW614N), stainless steel locking ring

Seals: oil resistant rubber (NBR)

Working Pressure (Bar): 16

Working Temperature (oC): -10 to +80

Media: filtered compressed air

Tube Tolerance: 4 to 10mm tube 0.05, 12mm tube 0.1

Preferred Tube Materials: polyurethane, nylon (PA6), rilsan (PA11/12), teflon

Quick Release Couplings - PCL

PCL Quick Release Couplings PDF

PCL's "Made in Sheffield" couplings range from the AIRFLOW range for fixed applications and VERTEX for trailing applications, to the common Industry Interchanges and Safety couplings.