Cylinders and Actuators  There are no products in this category.

Cylinders and Actuators  There are no products in this category.

Cylinders and Actuators

We have a range of standard (UNITOP, ISO 6432 & VDMA 15552) cylinders complemented with specialist rodless, compact, guided and telescopic cylinders available.


Mini-ISO - M100 Series

ISO 6432 Micro Cylinders, 8mm to 25mm Bore.  Magnetic piston as standard.  Stroke lengths up to 500mm available, depending on bore size.

Aluminium end caps, stainless steel barrel & piston rod as standard.

VDMA - KE Series

New design of the profile for easier cleaning - Grooves for recessed sensors and connections on one side for easy installation - Traditional UNIVER technology to ensure strength and reliability - Dimensions complying with ISO 15552 international standards for a full interchangeability - Bores sizes 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm are available.

CKD Roundline - SCM Series

Roundline Cylinders SCM Series PDF

Round shaped medium bore size cylinder, double acting/ single rod type. - short overall length - easy to install - simple design - bound mounted cylinder switch for increased flexibility - 8 different bore sizes available from 20 to 100

CKD Compact - SSD2 Series

Compact Cylinders SSD2 Series PDF

Double acting. Female piston rod thread. Magnetic with rubber cushioning. Interchanges with SMC CQ2 & CDQ2 Compacts. Comprehensive range of other variants & interchange ranges available.

Compact - RP Series

Cylinders Ø16 ÷ 63 mm with compact overall dimensions in accordance with UNITOP recommendations (RP/RO series) and with ISO inter-axes (RM/RN series) are available also in non-rotating version and with extended piston. This product, the first one realized with adjustable pneumatic cushioning without changing of dimensions in comparison with an equivalent cylinder without cushioning, allows a considerably higher speed and reduces noise level.

Telescopic Cylinders - RT Series

Telescopic Cylinder available in 2-Stage or 3-Stage versions with maximum strokes of 1200mm & 1800mm respectively.

Guided Cylinders - STG Series

Guided Cylinders STG Series PDF

STG Series Guided cylinder, double acting, single rod type.  Bore sizes from 12mm to 63mm available.  Eco-friendly.  Improved maintenance.