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Workshop Ergonomics

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With Prevost balancers, your tools become light as air. Balancers eliminate physical effort, increase productivity and rationalise work stations. Extensive range of wired and direct feed balancers from 0.2 to 105 kg. The Prevost suspension arm keeps tools within arm's reach and frees space on the work surface. The arm rotates smoothly, takes minimal space, and is supplied sealed and ready for use. The Prevost multi-energy box is an essential accessory for connecting a variety of equipment at a single point. It provides a simple, safe means of powering all your pneumatic tools, electric power tools, workshop lights and blowers.

Workshop Lubrication Systems, Oil &...

PREVOST grease pumps are used to distribute grease at high pressure. They feature a compression ratio of 58 to 1 and are equipped with a filter to protect the pump body. PREVOST oil pumps are used to distribute low viscosity oils. They feature double-acting pumps with a compression ratio of 4 to 1.

Workshop Paint Spraying & Drying...

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Prevost offers a range of standard and high precision low pressure paint guns. Gravity-fed or aspirating, they are adjustable and lightweight. Wide range of nozzle diameters and spare parts. The Prevost paint drying system uses a high-performance blown air principle. Easily adjusted, it speeds up evaporation of water from water-soluble paints.