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Air Supply  There are no products in this category.

Air Supply

Air receivers to store compressed air ready for use.  Pressure boosters can double incoming pressure for applications requiring higher pressures.  Application Dryer ensures technically dry air.  Condensate drains remove waste moisture and oil from the receivers.


Air Preparation - Application Dryer

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The Eliminizer Application Dryer The most effective and economical method of drying compressed air! Dry Air - Guaranteed Four stages of drying 1 - Centrifugal Spin 2 - Inverse Flow (Patented) 3 - Stainless Steel Mesh 4 - Friction Drying (cotton/polyester blend) & filters to 1 micron (At this stage any remaining water droplets are re-vaporised)

Condensate Drains

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WATER, OIL, CONTAMINANTS: SEPARATION AND EVACUATION Condensates collected by filtration or separation along the air network must be quickly and effectively evacuated to avoid contaminating the circuit and damaging pneumatic devices. Separators, bleed valves and processing units provide effective solutions for evacuating and processing effluents. The type of bleed device to use depends on the scale of the network, the locations to be drained and the accessibility of the air line. Installation of bleed valves goes hand in hand with correct filtration of compressed air. A correctly equipped network ensures the efficient operation of pneumatic tools and is a prerequisite for high-quality work.

Pressure Boosters

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The air-air pressure multiplier, or booster, is an automatic device that compresses air to give an outlet pressure that is double the inlet pressure. It is normally used to locally intensify the input pressure of one or more actuators. As it is entirely pneumatic it can be used when electric devices are not recommended. The booster can be supplied with or without a pressure regulator. It is fitted with check valves that maintain the outlet pressure even when the supply of compressed air is switched off. This means that it is necessary to interrupt the supply and relieve the circuit before intervening an the device in any way.