AIRFORCE MK4 Tyre Inflator



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Dimensions: H x W: 265mm x 50mm / 10.4in x 1.9in

Weight (AFG4H03): 923g / 0.92kg / 2.03lbs

Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 60°C

Storage Temperature Range: -30°C to 80°C

Accuracy Exceeds: EC Directive 86/217/EEC and BS EN 12645:2014

Reading Accuracy: 0.1 bar / 2 psi / 10kPa / 0.1kg/cm²

Inflation Pressure: 0 to 0.96 bar / 138 psi / 960kPa / 9.8kg/cm²

High Pressure Model: 25 bar / 362.5 psi

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 13.8 bar / 200 psi

Inflation Flow (@ 13 bar): 500 l/min / 18cfm

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AIRFORCE MK4 Tyre Inflator

AIRFORCE MK4 Tyre Inflator

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