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A highly efficient, two stage mainline separator to remove bulk water, oil and dirt to 0.01 micron with a very low pressure drop. Wide selection of port sizes to handle flows up to 700 SCFM (up to 5,500 SCFM available on request).

This unit has, as its first stage, an Eliminex® separator/filter (for details see previous section) and as the second stage a coalescing fitler. The action of the first stage protects the second and extends element life.

For best results the Eliminex® Combo separator/filter should be installed downstream of an aftercooler or at least 8 metres from the compressor.

All units are fitted with an automatic drain valve.

Bowl: Metal
Pressure: 10 bar max
Temperature: +65 deg C
Pressure drop: <1 psi at 100 psi (at recommended flow rate)
Filtration: 0.01µm

ISO8573.1: oil & particulate class 1 (see engineers data section for a breakdown of ISO8573.1 numbers)

When selecting a separator choose a unit where the flow required is approximately 50% of the maximum in the table below.

Technical Information

Optimum             Maximum           Connection    

30cfm                    60cfm                    1/2BSPP

45cfm                    90cfm                    3/4BSPP

87cfm                    175cfm                 1BSPP

150cfm                  300cfm                  1.1/2BSPP

150cfm                  300cfm                  2BSPP

200cfm                  400cfm                  1.1/2BSPP

350cfm                  700cfm                  2BSPP

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Eliminex Combo Separator/Filter

Eliminex Combo Separator/Filter