Eliminator II Desiccant Dryer



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A two stage point of use desiccant dryer designed for low or intermittent flow applications (up to 20 cfm). It is manually regenerated and a dew-point indicator tells when the desiccant media needs to be replaced.

This item has no moving parts and does not consume compressed air as part its operation.

Available with or without a pressure regulator.

1st stage:

Water and oil extraction cartridge which uses inverse flow technology and has an activated carbon element for oil vapour removal and filtration to 0.003µm. Includes automatic drain and shut off valve.

2nd stage:

Activated alumina for dew point suppression contained in a unique spin on cartridge which includes a dust filter.

The desiccant dryer should be installed as close to the application as possible.

Recommended flow: 3-7 cfm (pressure drop: < 1 psi)
Maximum flow: 20 cfm (presure drop: 5 psi)
Dewpoint: - 40 deg C
Max inlet pressure: 10 bar
Connection ports: 1/2" BSPP (female)

ISO8573.1: oil & particulate class 1, pressure dewpoint class 2 (see engineers data section for a breakdown of ISO8573.1 numbers)

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Eliminator II Desiccant Dryer

Eliminator II Desiccant Dryer